The Write Track Workbook

Ready to Write Your Script?

THE WRITE TRACK is a workbook for dedicated writers, like you, to streamline your creative process, bring your script to life, and build a network to get your writing seen. 

Do you ever feel like you’re…

Too busy to write?

Afraid of an awful first draft?

Overwhelmed by the work in front of you?

Hesitant when it comes to networking?

Uncertain of what to do with your finished material?

You are not alone.

The Perfect Tool to Get Started

The Write Track workbook is designed to take panic and procrastination out of your workflow by outlining strategies to meet your screenwriting goals. No more stressing over your next idea, a busy schedule, or how to follow through.

This book is amazing! The biggest struggle I face when trying to write my screenplay is TIME MANAGEMENT. I never can seem to find time to just write. This book not only helped me set reasonable goals that I can reach, it kept me motivated throughout the entire process. I actually WANTED to sit down after a long day of work and get things done on my script. Also, Wilson clearly knows the industry and craft incredibly well – I found myself learning tons of new things and tricks, even though I’ve been in Los Angeles for five years. Can’t recommend more strongly!

-Emily R.

No matter where you are right now, if you want to be a screenwriter this workbook will guide you through the next step in your progress! Think you want to write a screenplay, but not sure where to start? Covered. Figuring out how to increase your productivity and get some momentum? Covered. Already writing, and trying to get noticed? Covered. Seriously — how many “How to Write” books are on your shelf? Too many. THIS workbook will help you make a plan of action so you can actually see results.

-Naomi B.

This workbook is very helpful for any screenwriter, no matter where you are in the process. Whether you need to brainstorm ideas, finish a project you’ve already started, or figure out what to do to get your finished screenplay noticed, there are useful tips and easy to follow, actionable steps to make that goal a reality. Writing requires a lot of self-motivation, and many of us need a guide to keep us going, and that is what this book provides. It will add some structure to your writing routine, and make you think of your work and your process in a new way. Highly recommend.

-Erin C.

Make a Plan-of-Action

THE WRITE TRACK is filled with tools to map out your script, tricks to write consistently, tips to acquire and incorporate notes, and advice to create and maintain industry contacts.

Your dreams are important.

You can make it happen.

It’s in your hands.

Start goal setting! Grab The Write Track on Amazon today!