8 Awesome Screenwriting Websites for Aspiring Writers

Check out these 8 awesome screenwriting websites for aspiring writers. The marker of a good website or blog is that it offers a ton of amazing information for free. It doesn’t hold back. A website that offers genuine insight at no cost is a site that I know I’m going to go back to again and again for help. Some of these sites also offer paid services or courses on top of that free information, but it doesn’t come across as pushy or disingenuous. As aspiring writers, we don’t always have buckets of money to pour into classes or training, so free quality resources are important.

  1. ScriptNotes – John August’s famous podcast and blog
  2. Go Into the Story – Scott Myers rocks this screenwriting blog for the Black List
  3. Write + Co – A script consultant’s insight into writing
  4. ScriptBlast – A growing community and resource for writing better screenplays
  5. Scripts and Scribes – A website and podcast with interviews and information from screenwriting professionals
  6. TV Calling – A resource for the TV writing industry
  7. Script Magazine – An old school, cram-packed site of info
  8. Any Possibility – All the info I wish I knew when I first moved to LA

Utilize Built-In Communities

Some of these sites have Facebook groups or free onsite communities where you can connect with other writers. A few even throw in-person meet-ups. Initiate conversation and be proactive!


  • Take advantage of free resources, online communities, etc…
  • You’re not obligated to buy anything.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Trusted sites won’t spam you.

What are your favorite screenwriting websites?