Writing prompts are a great way to get motivated. In need of a new idea? Stuck in your own head? Don’t know what to write next? Take a look at these 30 Stellar Screenwriting Prompts for inspiration. Think of using a writing prompt as a mental exercise. Pick one and tackle it in any way that speaks to you. Use it to inspire new ideas.

There are three different types of prompts below:

  1. Situation prompts
  2. Setting prompts
  3. Character prompts

Write a scene. A short story. A short film. An original spec. A feature. Write whatever you want! The point is to get the ball in motion.

As an extra bit of incentive, use this WRITING TRACKER SPREADSHEET to keep tabs on all of your ideas. Let’s do this!

Situation Prompts

  1. In a futuristic society, someone has hacked your government mandated brain implant.
  2. Two best friends partake in a final hurrah before one of them gets married.
  3. A pregnant refugee makes a life for herself in a country where she knows no one.
  4. Literally, one by one everyone on Earth is dying. One by one, one minute at a time.
  5. You accidentally Air B&B’d your ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend’s place.
  6. An entire mommy group misplaces their children.
  7. A police dog makes friends with a drug pusher’s Dachshund.
  8. The first people to colonize a manmade planet that’s been created to replace Earth must do ‘X’ in order to ensure survival of the human race.
  9. Two siblings fight over who their parents love more.
  10. A schizophrenic postal worker makes friends with a serial killer.

Writing Tracker for Screenwriters

Setting Prompts

  1. A space station hosting the remaining 500 people of Earth’s population
  2. The best spot to watch the sunset
  3. A world where you can delete unpleasant situations from your memory log, and must delete memories when your mental memory box is full
  4. A house with no windows
  5. The last stop on the subway line
  6. A hidden temple in the jungles of Cambodia
  7. The cheapest group shuttle to the airport
  8. The secret tunnels underneath The White House
  9. A quiet lake surrounded by pine trees and cute houses
  10. The middle of a mass riot in Los Angeles

Writing Tracker for Screenwriters

Character Prompts

  1. A stripper with a heart of bronze
  2. A high school student who keeps living the first day of freshman year over and over and over again
  3. A man convinced his cat is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe
  4. An ethics professor running a Ponzi scheme
  5. A rogue cop turned librarian
  6. A duck who thinks he’s a penguin
  7. An illiterate postal worker
  8. A prisoner held captive on another planet
  9. The most famous person in the world’s estranged brother
  10. An Olympic swimmer who’s afraid of the ocean

Writing Tracker for Screenwriters