5 Screenwriting Apps to Accelerate Your Productivity

If you’ve ever sat down to write but scrolled Twitter for two hours instead, you are not alone. Technology can definitely take away from your writing time by offering a myriad of distractions. But why not make technology work for you? There are apps that can help you focus and organize your writing time. Unlike screenwriting software applications, the “screenwriting apps” we’re talking about here are standard workflow apps that you can apply to your writing schedule. Check out these five apps to help you focus on your screenplay.

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5 Screenwriting Apps

Work From

Holy crud, this is awesome! You can plug in what type of workspace you’re looking for (public spaces, private spaces, fast wifi, has power, local deals, etc…) and your location. Then, Work From gives you a map of all the places nearby that fit your criteria.

There’s a community aspect as well. If you want to join a meetup, chat with other coffee shop workers or writers, and so on, you can utilize that function. Anti-social? No worries if you don’t want to join the community.    


Block distractions! Freedom helps you prevent yourself from accessing certain websites and apps during an assigned period of time.  I refuse to download this app based on the fear that it would work too well.

When I’m writing, I turn off my wifi, so that I don’t check my email and social media every 10 minutes, a bad habit that I like to justify as “mental breaks.” But then I noticed that I pull out my phone, and BAM… I’m on Facebook, like what? No self. Stop it.

Freedom works for iOS, Windows, and Mac. It says Android will be added soon.

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This is actually a Chrome extension. It works wonders for my email. Do you get 5 million messages? Things are getting lost? Sortd lets you markup emails and tag them to specific lists. You can create to do lists, work specific lists, writing specific lists… as you can tell, I’m a huge fan of lists.

When they’re sorted, you can change the email title to whatever you want, which I find incredibly useful. I end up with things like “Do first thing Monday” and “please stop putting this off.”

Habit Bull

Track how often you write, when you write, and how long you spend working on your script. Habit Bull helps you create… habits. While it doesn’t sound fancy, it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to advance your writing. Get the most out of your schedule and eliminate time wastes.

Start by paying attention to how you currently spend your time, then make goals to change the way you utilize your day. Screenwriting growth comes from consistency and the time you spend writing.

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Scriptnotes is legendary. John August and Craig Mazin’s podcast talks through all the ins and outs of the industry and writing in general. These guys know what they’re talking about. Listen on a walk, in the car, or during a lunch break.

The app is free. It has the most recent 20 episodes available; however, for archived episodes, you do have to pay a $1.99/month subscription. Not bad at all!

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What apps do you use to boost your productivity?