10 Resources to Read Screenplays for Free

One of the best things you can do for your writing is to read screenplays. Plenty of websites host free screenplays online, so it’s as easy as downloading a PDF from a trusted source.

Reading time will fit into your busy schedule easier than you think. For instance, replace a late night Netflix unwinding session with reading a script instead. It will take the same amount of time as watching a show or movie, and it will inform your writing.

Read Screenplays for Free

Where to Read TV and movie scripts online:

  1. Lee Thompson’s TV Script Archive
  2. Script Slug
  3. Go Into The Story
  4. Simplyscripts
  5. Drew’s Script-o-Rama
  6. AwesomeFilm
  7. Daily Script
  8. The Screenplay Database
  9. IMSDB
  10. Indie Film Hustle’s list of Oscar contenders
  11. Bonus: Scripts On Screen

Benefits of Reading Screenplays

Script reading will answer questions you have about formatting, pacing, character development, how to create strong external action, how to break the rules, and the list goes on… It’s a vital part of your screenwriting education.

Watching a movie is one thing, but seeing how it translates to the page will change your perceptions about the whole process.

What script are you going to read first?

Get on it! Seriously. Download one or two now to get started. Choose something in a similar genre or in the same tone as what you’re writing right now.