One Page Challenge: Write Your Screenplay Now

What if you sat down right now and wrote one page? Just one page of your screenplay. How long do you think it would take? I bet you can do it in ten minutes. Maybe even five. I bet you could do it right before you go to bed, in between microwaving your dinner, right after getting home from work, while your S.O. is choosing what to watch on Netflix…

I bet you can do it right now. But, will you?

Screenplay Holdups

Getting a writer to write can be a hassle. Why though? It seems like that would be the easy part, but for some of us, it’s a rumble between our hand and our heart.

I know some critics like to claim that if you think it’s hard to write, you shouldn’t be a writer. Not true.

Beware of anyone who delivers ultimatums on what a screenwriter is or is not. You’re going to “do you” as the saying goes. Just continue to write with as much consistency as possible in order to see progress.

Make it easy on yourself by getting out of your own way. Silence your inner critic. 

Set aside time you need for yourself to write. Because when you don’t write, you’re building up all this pent up creative energy that needs to get out. No need to feel overwhelmed.

Write one page at a time. Just one page.

The first page of a screenplay can be the most daunting. Try this writing exercise to let your thoughts flow free.

In this downloadable freebie, the first page is already written for you! All you have to do is read it, put on your creativity cap, and get typing.

There are three worksheets and three genres, including dramedy, drama, and sci-fi.

How to Use Your Worksheet Freebies


Each worksheet has a blank second page with a text box that you can type into if you’d like. Feel free to open up your writing software and start from scratch.

Think of it like a warm-up.


This is meant to be used as a creative jumpstart. Maybe it will inspire you or maybe it’ll make you go, “I could write that 10 times better.”

Give it a shot! These pages aren’t masterpieces, but they are meant to make you think.

Rewrite, revise, or draft your own story!

Have fun!

Don’t take it seriously. Type whatever you think would happen next.

Let me know how it goes! If there’s a genre you would like a first page jumpstart on, reach out and tell me. I’ll type one up and post it here.

What kind of screenplay do you want to write?