The Write Track

A Screenwriter’s Goal Planning Guide from Brainstorming to Submissions

THE WRITE TRACK is a workbook for dedicated writers, like you, to streamline your creative process, bring your script to life, and build a network to get your writing seen.

Do you ever feel…

  • Too busy to write?
  • Overwhelmed by the work in front of you?
  • Afraid of writing an awful script?
  • Hesitant when it comes to networking?
  • Uncertain of what to do with your finished script?

The Write Track workbook is designed to take panic and procrastination out of your workflow by outlining strategies to meet your screenwriting goals. No more stressing over your next idea, a busy schedule, or how to follow through.

Your dreams are important. You can make it happen.

Prepare yourself by goal setting!

THE WRITE TRACK is filled with tools to map out your script, tricks to write consistently, tips to acquire and incorporate notes, and advice to create and maintain industry contacts.

This is NOT a how-to-write book. It definitely IS strategies to make your goals happen, questions that will transform the way you think about your year, and advice on how to effectively use your time.

Get ready for a step-by-step approach to feeling organized, confident, and clearheaded in your screenwriting career.

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