The Best Gifts for Screenwriters

What does the screenwriter in your life want? Probably a two million dollar script sale. Not in your budget? No worries! I’ve got your back. Find the best gifts for screenwriters right here. 

If you’re looking for more than a Starbucks gift card (which I’m not opposed to in the least), mix it up by checking out these gifts for screenwriters. Covering a wide range of writer needs, we’ll go over everything from planners, pens, and journals to the best software, subscriptions, and screenwriting books. You’re going to pick out the perfect present! *Some of the below are affiliate links.

1. Writer’s Subscription Box

  • Scribe Delivery – Amazing notebooks and pens delivered monthly
  • Scribbler – A monthly subscription box that includes writerly gifts, fiction novels, publishing advice, and more
  • Trendy Memo – A female-driven subscription box to enhance a woman’s workplace

2. Passion Planner

Passion Planner helps you set clear goals and focus on what matters. It’s a great company with a “get one, give one” business model. I always go for the undated planners, but you might prefer the academic. 

3. Save The Cat

Save the Cat is one of the most iconic screenwriting books ever written. The structure, originally catering to screenplays, can be applied to teleplays as well. If the writer in your life is trying to learn structure and format, it’s a great starter book. 

Here are some more famous screenwriting books that make great gifts:

4. The Write Track Workbook

The Write Track helps writers define their goals and create a plan of action. If you’re looking for a tool to keep you on track, this is the workbook you need to succeed. It’s available on Kindle too!

5. Headspace Meditation

The write-life is a stressful one sometimes. Get in the right headspace to tackle your script with Headspace Meditation. Cool, calm, collected, and full of ideas. 

6. Gift Card to the Arclight

A great screenwriting gift for anyone living in Los Angeles is a gift card to the ArcLight. It’s a premier LA theater with multiple locations around the city. The perks of the ArcLight include opportunities to attend panels and exclusive screenings. *This may not be a 2020-2021 friendly gift idea, but hopefully a trip to the cinema will be safe and fun in the near future.

7. Gift Card to Netflix or Hulu

It’s the age of canceling cable to opt for subscription-based services instead. Welcome to Netflix and Hulu for your film and television needs. A gift card is a great choice for that screenwriter in your life.  

8. Five-Minute Journal

The Five-Minute Journal creates mindfulness. Each day you determine what you want to accomplish, what you’re grateful for, and if you followed through. It’s the perfect tool to encourage and help assess your writing goals. 

9. Moleskin Notebook & Pens

A classic moleskin notebook is durable, iconic, and well made. I like to pair mine up with some Stabilo pens. It’s an elegant gift for any writer who loves to put pen to paper over staring at their computer screen. 

10. Screenwriting Software

Final Draft is still number one when it comes to screenwriting software. Writer Duet is a close second. Choose either for your writer to get them the software and tools they need to write an amazing script. 

11. Keurig

Coffee and writing go hand in hand, so why not check out this Keurig? They even have some K-cups for tea and hot chocolate too. Grab some eco-friendly reuseable K-cups while you’re at it.

12. Laptop Security Lock

If the writer you know goes to a coffee shop, this is a cool gift idea. Two cups of coffee or two hours into writing comes the dreaded bathroom break. Do you leave your laptop on the table to keep your spot or do you take all your stuff to the restroom and risk not finding a seat when you get back? A security lock is an extra layer of protection for when you ask the friendly looking patron nearby to watch your stuff while you dip away for a few. Check it out here