The Best Entertainment Industry Temp Agencies in LA

Need an entertainment industry job in Los Angeles? There are a couple of reasons you might turn to a temp agency. Let’s say you’re a budding writer, and you’ve chosen to work in the industry as an assistant to gain knowledge, experience, and connections. Maybe you’re in between jobs in LA, on hiatus, or starting out and can’t seem to land the position you want. A temp agency that focuses on entertainment industry staffing can keep you afloat financially and just might land you your next gig. Here are some of the best entertainment industry temp agencies in LA and how to prep for them.

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The Best Entertainment Industry Temp Agencies in LA

These are some of the best temp agencies in Los Angeles that place qualified candidates at entertainment jobs including various studios, production companies, networks, agencies, management offices, and more. Each company’s services work in a slightly different way, and they have their own particular set of clients. Check out each website to see what they can do for you.

What They’ll Expect of You

Professional Resume

Bring in a polished resume. Proofread the crud out of it, then have a friend do the same.


Ask at least three people if they will vouch for you, and inform them that they might get a call from a temp agency to verify how awesome you are. Try for professional references like former employers or mentors – people who can attest to your character and work ethic on the job. If you’re unable to find three professionals, then assess your personal references – people that aren’t related to you but can give you a glowing recommendation all the same.

Administrative Tests

Many places make you take a typing test. In addition, you might be tested on your knowledge of Microsoft Office. Brush up your Word and Excel skills at home. These assessments are pretty thorough, so study if need be.


You may interview in person at a temp agency. They’ll ask you questions about your career goals in order to find you suitable positions. Your interviewer will also dive into questions about your work and education history, so prep your answers. Even ask them a few things you want to know as well.

So go out and get it! Wishing you the best of luck. Write on!