How to Earn Extra Income: Side Gigs for Writers

February 8, 2016 Strategy

Have you ever looked at your bank statement and cried internally? It’s not that you aren’t already working hard, you just might need a side gig. Pulling in extra income can alleviate a lot of financial stress. Side gigs are meant to be fairly easy, not cause you to stress out even more. Sure you might have to give away a little R&R from your nights and weekends, but you’re already roughin’ it. A side gig might temporarily make the world a little easier until you sell a screenplay or marry rich or something.

This isn’t an uncommon thing. For instance, many industry assistants have side gigs to earn extra income. If you’re in a low to mid-level position in the entertainment industry, odds are that you’re making no money. By no money, I mean making enough to get from one month to the next, maybe saving a little until your car implodes or you have to go to the doctor, then finding yourself back at square one, which is paying to stay exactly where you are. The only shining star in this sea of dreams is that you are technically “living” the dream as you watch your boss drive off in a Porsche and a midlife crisis.

I always think surrogacy and auctioning off your plasma are a bit extreme. So instead of selling your body to the night, ask yourself some of these questions to find a side gig that might be a good fit for you.

Do you have a skill set that you can utilize?

Teach lessons (music, language)


Babysitting / house sitting / dog sitting

Freelance article writing, copyeditor

Personal trainer

Wedding photography assistant

Do you like people?

Catering companies hire extra hands for events


Waiter, bartender, barista

Do you not like people?

Virtual assistant

Dog walker

Transcript processor (typing out transcriptions)

Do you have a car?

Uber & Lyft

Postmates & Task Rabbit

Great side gigs for writers! From screenwriters to novelists. Earn extra income to alleviate financial stress.

Full List:

Babysitting / house sitting / dog sitting/ dog walking


Postmates, Task Rabbit

Freelance article writing, copyeditor



Waitress, bartender, barista

Virtual Assistant

Personal trainer

Wedding photography assistant

Catering companies hire extra hands for events

Transcript processor, freelance transcription

AirBnB your place

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