Apps to Read Scripts Out Loud

Below are a few trusty apps to read scripts out loud. I’m going to warn you that the technology isn’t perfect. If you don’t mind a robot reading you a bedtime story, it’s smooth sailing from here. But if you’re expecting perfection, you’ll probably have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Why would anyone need to use an app to read screenplays out loud?

You could have clicked on this post for a number of reasons. Your eyeballs need a break from reading scripts (the burnout is real). You’re trying to proofread your screenplay or pilot, but your brain is autocorrecting while you edit on the page. Maybe you’re just curious and thought you’d give it a try. So here we go:

Apps to Read Scripts Out Loud

Voice Dream – A fan favorite, this is the most commonly suggested app in story analyst and assistant groups. It’s an Apple app with a one-time fee, but you can choose different voices to read to you, which is a plus.

Tableread – There’s a free version to read scripts and a premium version that gives you more choices in terms of voices. 

Speechify – This is a web extension that can read PDFs. 

DubScript – A lot of these apps seem Apple-specific. This one is available in Google Play Store.

Swiftread – It’s a Google Chrome plugin that’s good for books and speed reading.

Read Scripts Out Loud Inside Your Existing Screenwriting Software

Final Draft has a text-to-speech function if you’re merely looking to proofread and can stand the robot voice for an extended time. WriterDuet has a premium feature add-on called ReadAloud that is a bit more versatile and has voice options.

Good luck on the journey to find the perfect script reading text-to-voice software! Let me know if you find any new recommendations we should add to the list.