I’m a huge advocate of self-educating, and one of the best ways you can do this in screenwriting is by reading. Read scripts. Read entertainment industry news sources. Read popular screenwriting blogs and websites. Read books! Learn how to write a script, how to nurture your inner artist, and how to sell your screenplay. We live in the age of information. Grab yourself a seat and start learning. Here are the 5 best screenwriting books for aspiring writers:


by Syd Field

Syd Field is one of the most well-known names in the screenwriting industry.

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Writing prompts are a great way to get motivated. In need of a new idea? Stuck in your own head? Don’t know what to write next? Take a look at these 30 Stellar Screenwriting Prompts for inspiration. Think of using a writing prompt as a mental exercise. Pick one and tackle it in any way that speaks to you. Use it to inspire new ideas.

There are three different types of prompts below:

  1. Situation prompts
  2. Setting prompts
  3. Character prompts

Write a scene.

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Have you thought about submitting your script to a contest, manager or agent? You want to appear as professional as possible, rather than the slobbering, neurotic mess that you are (I’m probably projecting). Proofreading your script shows that you care about your material and took the time to properly revise it. Some readers and companies are more lenient/don’t care. On the flip side, using the wrong you’re/your could cause an overworked,

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This week’s interview is with writer and animator Stephen Leonard, whose most recent accomplishments include making two shows for Dreamworks TV. He talks about how he got into writing for animation, how to build your own opportunities, and his journey from being a production assistant to getting paid to create his own ideas.

Let’s dive in:
How long did you work on SAMMY ‘N’ AMY, which premiered July 2016?
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Instead of streaming Netflix tonight, why don’t you try reading a script? Switch up the old routine! It will take the same amount of time, but you just might get something extra out of the experience. Read screenplays to better yourself as a writer. Plenty of websites host free screenplays online, so it’s as easy as downloading a PDF. Whether it’s for research or enjoyment, give it a go!

Why you should read screenplays:

Script reading will answer questions you have about formatting,

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